Saving the Environment and Space with "Paper"

Saving the Environment and Space with
No matter what stages of life you are at. There is always some space you can make for a happier life. The loves from your family, the support from your friends or a big hug from your dog can lighten up our ordinary life.
At EzSpace, we are trying to illuminate your living space with our selected “paper” series. We believe the fascinating "paper-made" items will add extra spaces to squeeze in more enjoyable moments. Made with bamboo and recyclable paper, we also make sure the environment is saved together with your living space. Check them out here!
“Paper” stool - A book-sized stool
paper stool one paper stoll folded
Our Paper stool is a combination of art and pragmatism. 8 different colours, 4 different heights, in total this stool has 32 combinations for you to choose!
"Paper” bench- 1 person, 2 people, 3 friends; a table, a bench, a party
paper bench paper bench as table
With the size of a dictionary, this Paper-bench would certainly impress your friends in your weekend parties. Alternatively, it makes a good-sized coffee table when formed in a circle. This Paper-bench has a lot of potentials for you to discover.
"Paper” table- Classic, Hourglass and Roman, three “dwarfs” at your serve
paper table roman paper table hourglass paper table classic
Designed for any home, the “paper” table is exquisite and versatile. Stow it whenever you need to make some space. Whether as a side table next to the sofa or bed, or a living room decoration, it is definitely more than just looking good.
“Paper” vase- Classic and Najing, just a little extra than a vase
paper base classic paper vase najin
As an art piece by itself. “paper” vase has an invisible water tube to keep your flowers hydrated, also a nice place to hold your artificial flowers.

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