Holders for all, space for every corner

Holders for all, space for every corner
The fun of collecting your favourite sets of dining wares, cups, mugs and wine glasses can be so entertained and has been part of the life components that foodies or oenophiles really love to have. Even if the collections have been purchased with love but can get problematic when the collections have not been organised with enough “respect” after they arrived their new home. This little issue can be solved by giving them a proper living spaces using specific holders keeping each collection good-value so that all can last life-long.
At EzSpace, our collection of holders range from small 8-hook holder perfectly for mugs to 16 wine glass holder and far beyond… Time to explore our Kitchen storage and find your fit for every corner of your home.
Under Shelf 8-hook Holder
· Small enough yet can fit 8 coffee cups easily
· Pain-free attachment which leaves no mark behind
· Premium powder coating allows a good fit for every stylish kitchen
Under Shelf Cup Wine Glass Holder
Same comfort for your cups and wine glasses 
Under Shelf 16 Wine Glass Holder
Delegated living spaces for your wine glasses

Under Shelf Basket
Being creative, allowing plates and bowls to join the space-saving game
              Under Shelf Tissue Box    
Look after your tissue box for more convenience.
Magnetic Fridge Hooks Rack
Bigger space with small hooks.
EzSpace Kitchen where smarter living starts

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